The Mid Victorians

Havering-atte-Bower figures quite large amongst some of those below. By following this LINKyou will be able to read something about its history.

Just follow the links below to find out what your ancestors have been up to.

Maud Baker 267

Lilla Pemberton Barnes128

Gertrude Pemberton Barnes128

Reginald Pemberton Barnes170

Sydney Willie Pemberton Barnes126

William Herbert Pemberton Barnes

Clara Mary A Berry 190

Rose Ann Bradley 49

James Brazier 878

Robert Bruford 246

Maud Hester Burrell296

May Elizabeth Burrell150

Emma Chuck 767

George Chuck 759

Henry J Chuck 747

Martha Chuck 770

Mary Ann Chuck 769

James Benjamin Chuck 764

William Chuck 771

Percy Hildebrand Collingwood 225

Frank Grenville 268

Benjamin Jeffries144

Charles Jeffries140

Edward Coles Jeffries139

Eleanor Jeffries142

Frederick William Jeffries143

Ellen Grove 18

William John Lynn 238

Mary Dudley Metson 34

Florence Gertie Millbank 525

Charles T Olley 785

Hugh Page 207

Sydney Bedford Pemberton126

Jeanne Perchard 266

Sylvey Ann Perry 748

Jeremiah Plumbley 48

Rose Ann Plumbley 49

Elizabeth Ann Price 784

Alice Mary Richards 524

Amy Bingham Smith115

Ann Maria Smith14

Claude Smith51

Edwin Smith119

Ellen Smith184

Elizabeth Smith116

Emma Edith Smith8

Emma Jane Smith13

Eric William Smith61

Eva Smith164

Florence Lucy Smith162

Frances Mary Smith185

George Smith 171

Harold Smith50

Harold Smith

Helen Ethel Smith52

Hester Smith114

Hubert Benjamin Smith521

John Oliver Smith186

Joseph George Smith11

Kate Smith165

Kathleen Maria Smith9

Laura Annie Smith163

Lotty Smith187

Louisa Emily Smith113

Louisa Emma Smith112

Lydia Ann Smith183

Mabel Ellen Smith167

Sydney Frederick Smith54

Thomas John Smith166

Walter Benjamin Smith12

James Stock 176

Edward William Taylor194

Helen Jane Taylor64

Percy John Taylor105

Arthur John Tucker 224

Charles Watts 788

Ernest Watts 789

LeonardWatts 790

Walter Watts 791

Laura Elizabeth Wright 39

Rosetta Jane Wright 136

Walter Edward Wright 38

Andrew Dudley-Smith 2016