The Late Victorians

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James Henry Adams 297

Bridget Brazier 877

Rosemarey Brazier 876

Robert Bruford200

Marguerite Annie Burrell151

Mary Louisa Caton 29

Alfred Chuck 773

Alfred James Chuck 751

Cecilia Mary Chuck 749

Daisy Chuck 777

Edward Chuck 772

GeorgeChuck 774

George Chuck 812

George Harry Chuck 760

George William Chuck 811

Henry James Chuck 755

Harry Chuck 778

Harry Chuck 80

Jessie Chuck 775

John George Chuck 756

LilianChuck 750

Lily Chuck 776

Maud Martha Chuck 792

Edith May Evans 810

William Chuck 752

Dorothy L Clements 813

Frances Maria Jeffries141

Kattie Jeffries 145

Thomas Jeffries147

Marey Millbank 210

Kathleen F Norton 272

Emil A Outten 762

Andrew James Smith15

Bertha Smith117

Cyril Grove Smith20

Edith Lucy Smith189

Edward Henry Smith188

Frank Smith118

Harold Smith 169

Jessie Smith168

Jessie Margaret Smith19

Patricia Margaret Smith 120

Gwendolen Mary Stock181

Herbert Gordon Stock177

Alfred Benjamin Tingley 152

Henrietta A Wills 761

Andrew Dudley-Smith 2016