The Georgians

Below is a list of our Georgian generation.

It also marks the start of the Family History that I have been working on. In that generation there were two sons and three daughters. One daughter remained a spinster whilst the others married and all had families.

It is the families of those four people that I have followed down to the present day. The journey they have taken me on has been challenging and rewarding. As you will see as you follow your own forbears there have been multi millionaires and Workhouse occupants. There have been sportsmen, a rose grower, a speleologist, war time deaths and stage successes. In other words, all human life is here.

Just follow the links below to find out what your ancestors have been up to.

Amelia Elizabeth Barnes 59

Ann Barnes 66

Cecily Barnes 104

Helen Barnes 16

John Barnes 37

Robert Smith Barnes 102

John Thomas Barnes 103

Thomas John Barnes 69

James Brazier 879

Mary Brazier 880

Ann Brett 721

Sarah Ann Burcham 40

Charles Burrell 56

Charles Byford 842

James Chuck 782

Caroline Elizabeth Dansie 852

Jacob Dansie 849

Jacob Dansie 853

Jacob Dansie 855

Jacob Dansie 857

Marianne Dansie 862

Mary Anne Dansie 843

Rachel Dansie 851

Thomas Dansie 1729

Nancy Day 106

Edward Jeffries 138

Kate Main 7

Ann Pemberton 132

George Pembertpn 133

Joseph Pemberton 68

William Pemberton 67

Alfred Smith 867

Ann Smith17

Ann Smith 62

Benjamin Smith6

Benjamin Smith 60

Christopher Smith 716

Dorothy Smith 718

Dorothy (Smith) 722

Eliza Smnith 869

Elizabeth Smith 866

Frederick Smith 3

George Smith 4

George Smith 864

Hannah (Smith) 865

Hester Smith55

Isaac Smith 868

James Smith1

James Smith 714

James Smith 715

James Smith 720

Jane Smith 5

Maria Smith65

Julia Emma Stanton 148

Mary Usher 856

Martha Wall 763

Emma Wilson 2

Ephraim Wright 41

Andrew Dudley-Smith 2016