The Early Victorians

This generation began a trend of moving from Essex, north of the river Thames to Peckham and areas around in suburban London south of the river.

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Amy Clara Pemberton Barnes 124

Emily Ann Pemberton Barnes 122

Ernest Pemberton Barnes 123

Percy Pemberton Barnes 125

William Herbert Pemberton Barnes 121

Bridget Brazier 881

David Brazier 882

John Brazier 883

Joseph Henry Brazier 745

Richard Brazier 840

Ann Maria Burrell72

Charles James Burrell70

Louisa Hester Burrell58

Thomas Burrell137

William Burrell71

Charles Byford 847

Eliza Byford 846

George Byford 848

Hannah Byford 845

Louisa Byford 844

Sarah Byford 841

Emma Chuck 765

George Chuck 757

James John Chuck 768

Martha Chuck 779

Mary Ann Chuck 766

Marianne Dansie

Mary Dansie

Caroline Elizabeth Dansie

Maria Franklin

Mary Ann Kemp 875

Jane Maria Metson 10

Elizabeth Ann Milbank 161

Charles Frederick Olley 786

Martha Oliver 182

Amelia Florence Pemberton 131

Helena Pemberton 129

Joseph Hardwick Pemberton 100

Sydney Bedford Pemberton 130

William Pipe 780

Henry Thomas Price 783

Sarah Anne Rolfe 526

Ann Smith108

Benjamin Smith60

Benjamin Bingham Smith57

Charles Smith111

Cowy Smith 101

Emma Smith723

Louisa Hesther Smith 58

Maria Smith109

Peter Smith110

Thomas Smith107

Thomas Smith 295

MadelineMeans Spence 146

William Taylor 63

Martha Wall 781

Alfred Watts 787

Arthur Albert Wright 134

Ephraim Wright 43

Ephraim Wright 135

Orlando Wright 42

Andrew Dudley-Smith 2016