The Personal Histories

I have tried to group the individuals into their generations so you will find that the relevant pages take you to the people living in that era.

The INDICATIVE dates for each period are shown below, according to the date of birth of each person:

Georgians 1700 - 1840

Early Victorians 1841 - 1860

Mid Victorians 1861 - 1880

Late Victorians 1881 - 1900

Edwardians 1901 - 1950

New Elizabethans 1952 - 2000

Our Future 2001 -

Necessarily I realise that there are items of a sensitive nature. Where these are in the public domain - newspapers, the London Gazette, Church Registers and the like - then they are included without comment.

Where something relates to “insider” information then it has been omitted if it cannot be supported by hard evidence. In other words family speculation, gossip and stories have all been omitted.

Andrew Dudley-Smith 2016