The story of a family can be lost as the generations pass through history.

Without a written record history becomes reliant on fallible human memory, which, without intent or guile, can mislead, overlook or misplace information.

Sometimes there is a wish to forget; at other times there may be a wish to over state or misinterpret.

This gathering together of information from a variety of sources – census, probate, newspaper, cemeteries, archives, church records and other sources – will attempt not to speculate.

Should it be necessary to make a tenuous link the reasoning will be explained and the decision left to the reader.

There can be no claim that the information in this document is complete.

It is an honest effort to bring the generations into a logical progression with such relevant information as can be garnered from multifarious sources.

Others may have alternative sources, additional detail or access to papers not seen by me.

Please feel free to bring this to my attention and to challenge what I am presenting here.

From time to time I purposefully deviate from the direct path through the years to bring to the reader’s attention family connections that may have been forgotten or lost.

I do this for my own interest and trust that it raises interest for you.

A spin off from the family exercise has been the extraction of all of the Smith’s who have lived, married and died in Essex in the past 500 years. This promises to be a labour of love but look at the Church Registers tab to see how I am getting on!



The numbers you will see allocated to names in this text are simply that – just unique numbers for each person for my record purposes. They bear no relationship to who, what, where, when or why!

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